Mount Becher

p1000910_fotor It seemed “right” to hike Mount Becher after doing Tzouhalem a couple of days ago. The latter is where we made our silent vows to each other from the heart. Our next hike was Becher – two weeks later after Simon came back from Vipassana. When we met that morning for our hike, we needed no words – we just walked toward each other and kissed.

And so we hiked up Becher that day, snogging all the way.

Today, I did the hike (with Angela) rather more quickly – no stopping to snog along the way (I’m sure her husband is grateful about that) but lots of photos because it was a perfect fall day. After a raging storm the night before with massive rainfall, we hiked up a trail that had transformed itself into a river. But the sun came out and warmed us. We had beautiful views from the top. We sat and had lunch and I thought about Simon. I rather think I talked Angela’s ears off – talking about my LOMYL (what else?).

And then I came home to a phone call and a long, long talk – even though Simon promised to make it short. Confession – I’m glad it was longer than short.

Simon is such a hero. He is accomplishing so much, working so hard – doing it all for us. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world.

Other than hiking, all I managed to accomplish today was getting the winter tires torqued and picking up a few boxes for our move. I shall remedy my slothfulness by gathering many more boxes this weekend and packing.

And then hiking when the fine weather returns on Monday.

I shall also go to the market and bake bread and have delicious naps and eat chocolate.

I am one lucky woman. To be loved by this incredibly special man. Loving someone without reservation and having that love returned. This is rare – special – amazing. I will never take this miracle for granted.p1000919_fotor p1000920_fotor p1000921_fotor p1000923_fotor p1000931_fotor p1000937_fotor p1000940_fotor p1000941_fotor p1000947_fotor p1000949_fotor p1000950_fotor p1000955_fotor p1000956_fotor p1000960_fotor p1000966_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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