Green Mountain

p1000782_fotor Here’s a tip for you: if you are carrying chocolate (for later in the day) in your coat pocket (the pocket because it keeps the chocolate at just the right temperature when it’s cold outside), do not sit in a truck and then put a large dog in your lap. Dogs exude a great deal of body heat, which is a splendid thing if you want to be toasty warm and also excellent if your aim is to make hot chocolate – not so good if the idea is an edible chocolate bar.

This is a lesson I learned before we even started our hike up Green Mountain. It was a long ride in Penny’s truck – up old logging roads with water bars and all the other good stuff I am beginning to expect before reaching hiking trails. None of this bothered me one iota – clearly, the roads in the Kootenays are desensitizing me very nicely indeed.

Once at the trailhead, we headed up through tall ferns and autumn grasses into the true alpine. The trails were sketchy in places but the top was easy to discern. We’d considered the weather, which didn’t look promising in the early morning light, but the gods cooperated. We had no rain, the temperatures warmed up and the sun broke out to shine down on us at about lunch time at the top. Wonderful!

I’ve been wanting to do Green Mountain for ages and the hike, though short, was so well worth it. It was also lovely to run into Jason Hare and his partner (wife?) as we came back down. The autumn colours were glorious, the mists and clouds swirling below us added a dimension of prettiness we could not have had on a perfectly clear day.

Wonderful to hike with Penny, Grace and Pat. The only thing I would have wanted to change about this day was to have Simon with us.

I also had to give up my traditional chocolate on the way home – not because it had melted (melted chocolate is lovely) but because I had put the melted chocolate in my backpack so it had hardened again into a solid brick-like clump that didn’t look one bit edible. This was a distinct hardship, which I rectified by eating the other half of the bar when I got home. Much better!

At some point, either on the drive home or after I got here I felt an overwhelming surge of love; I felt as though, for a moment, Simon was right there with me and the warmth and happiness were beautiful. And so, of course, we are always with each other – all it takes is the awareness to feel it, sense it, be it, revel in it.

What a beautiful day!p1000794_fotor p1000801_fotor p1000802_fotor p1000806_fotor p1000810_fotor p1000811_fotor p1000814_fotor p1000816_fotor p1000817_fotor p1000827_fotor p1000828_fotor p1000829_fotor p1000831_fotor p1000835_fotor p1000836_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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