Doing and Being

p1000724_fotor The morning walk in the back 40 and the long afternoon hike through Hemer Park were the being portions of my day. The rest was doing – or, as Old Blue Eyes would say, “do Be do Be do.”

I’ll start with the doing – I got through an impressive number of items on my list. First, I loaded all the books into the car. The mere fact that I managed to lift the containers into the vehicle was enough to impress me – and the fact that I did it without putting my back out!

In other words, I started the day with a major win. First stop: Speedy Auto Glass, who looked at the poor windshield and said they could deal with it right away. Excellent! I had other chores to do downtown so I left it with them, hot-footed it over to my former employer and dropped my camera off with Joanne. Collected lovely hugs and moved on.

Next stop, the Credit Union to sort out my RRSP/RIFF situation. Good thing I did because the rules about such things are more than a little convoluted. Hell, even the woman I talked to had to research and make phone calls. As it turns out, I am doing the exact right thing at the right time. Had I waited, I would not have been able to access my funds for another year.

Having set those wheels in motion, I moved on to Thrifty Foods where I had to pick up two items and then back to Speedy who managed to fix the windshield without having to replace the whole thing. I was thrilled – three dings! Wow! (darn gravel trucks!) I was going to take the car into a wash but changed my mind after I got in. They did such an extraordinary job of cleaning the windows after the repair (all the windows and mirrors) that I couldn’t bear to ruin the effect. The wash will have to wait a few days until I have to carve out a hole in the new dirt to see through.

Then I dashed off to Literacy Nanaimo to drop off my books but was waylaid by a rep from Haven Society who wanted them, and since I have always supported Haven, this was a lovely piece of serendipity.

Excellent – unloaded that lot and continued on to the health Food Store to pick up my hair colouring and then on to the north end to Home Sense. Towels – the exact colour I’ve had in mind! A purchase for the new home! Exciting! This is, quixotically, one of the ways I take emotional possession.

Finally – home and lunch and a nap. Then that long stroll through Hemer Park. I noticed as I actually didn’t stroll, but power-walked through the park, how high my energy level was. Pondered it – figured it out pretty quickly. Here’s what enervates me and brings my energy down: waiting for things to happen or depending on others before I can get going. My energy level rises when I have things to do and can just jump into them. I make a terrible, awful assistant. I also don’t want to be in charge of others. I work well autonomously – it has always been my greatest strength. Sadly, it also makes me a rotten team worker. (shrugs)

I still have a few things to do but most of those involve getting ready for hiking tomorrow. Oh boy!

My biggest project now is to clean out the house and garage and make several runs to recycling and to the landfill. I plan to start that on Thursday. But I know myself well enough to understand the balance I need. What worked so well today was filling the morning with to-dos and taking time to settle and be peaceful in the afternoon before getting back to my list. Be Do Be Do – making sure to feed the peace inside.

Nature feeds the peace.

Sadly, too many of us do and do and do without taking the time to simply be. It’s immensely important.

p1000725_fotor p1000726_fotor p1000727_fotor p1000728_fotor p1000729_fotor

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