Back in Cedar

p1000721_fotorI had a short trip this morning – from Hope to Horseshoe Bay and then the ferry ride home.

Nice things happened – taking Abby for a walk in the village, thinking to get a sandwich to take on the ferry with me – which meant tying Abby up outside briefly – something I am loathe to do. By chance, I met a woman walking a big Maremma who took a shine to Abby. And so we got to talking. It seemed that she wanted to go to the post office but also didn’t want to tie up her dog. By another happy chance, the post office was beside the organic sandwich shop. Well – you can see where this is going. We happily took turns holding each other’s dogs while we mutually took care of chores.

Don’t you just love it when things work out?

And then Simon called while I was on the ferry with bad news/good news. The bad news had to do with house plans and such – no big deal really. The very, very good news was that we don’t have to wait for an occupancy permit to move in. We can live there while we bring the house up to snuff. And you know what that means – we won’t be apart for two or more months. Simon will do everything he can in the next two or three weeks that can be done, then come back and we’ll pack up and move out before the snow flies.

That is the best news ever because, as Simon pointed out, hugging pillows at night is not quite the same as hugging the love of your life.

And now it’s my turn to make lists and jump into action. I have a very long list for tomorrow that includes dropping off my camera that I sold, taking books to Literacy Nanaimo, taking other stuff to the recycling exchange, sorting out stuff for the landfill, going to the bank to sort finances out for the move and getting the car cleaned and fixed – a large gravel truck pinged the windshield very badly today – I don’t think I little fix will mend it. Damn those trucks! Ah well.

Also must shop for a few odd sods – got most of the shopping done between the ferry terminal and home. But whew – bits and pieces of things here and there.

Abby is very quiet tonight. Clearly she was thrilled to be home, racing in circles around the back 40 on our afternoon walk. This is the only permanent home she has ever known and in her heart, it is still home. But she also clearly misses her family. The reunion will come sooner than we all thought.

And that will be a blessing for all of us.

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