Home Owners

Today is the day. We have the ownership a papers and the house keys. The property is officially ours. At this moment, Simon is on his way to the property with the RV. This would seem to be a simple endeavour. Maybe and probably not. You see, the driveway is steep and slants at a rather alarming angle to the road. The only way to get the RV up there is to back it up. In order to do that, Simon has to turn it around – in the middle of a highway. And then, maybe he won’t be able to get it up after all. In that case, he comes back here and negotiate a long-term rental.


The fun begins.

We have safe and sweet grass. Chore number one – smudge the house and invite the good spirits to take up residence.

As usual these days, it’s been busy. We put in a lot of legwork in Nelson. Happily, it was farmers market day so tonight’s dinner is going to a yummy one with a big salad topped with feta and sautéed chanterelles and accompanied by fresh sourdough bread. Prune plums for desert. ( darn, I always forget. Is that one s or two?)

These are stressful days. Simon and I are having our disagreements. On the plus side, we are communicating. I really think we are going to come through this stronger and better.

I send a million trillion thanks to Annette, one of my very best friends, who shared what happened when she and her husband uprooted the family to move to California – the year of smiling through her tears. It helps so much to know that it’s okay to have mixed feelings, to feel sad and, at the same time, to feel determined and ready to embrace something new.

I know that in three days time I am likely going to be happy to be going “home” to my loft above the stable on Vancouvere Island. At the same time, I am going to be so torn abut leaving behind my love, my heart, my husband and my new home. These are the things I am feeling. My emotions are all over the map. Mostly, I am feeling quiet and contemplative, doing my best to listen to how I feel and to tap into the happiness and optimism that I know are always present. And I refuse to deny my feelings of sadness and ambivalence. I know myself. I trust in my better nature. I will come out of this with smiles. In the meantime, I will pay attention and be kind and gentle with myself. It’s how I would treat a friend. It is how I will treat myself.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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