Hiking on the island again

p1000461_fotor An all-day hike in sub alpine – it was just what I needed today. And it also did my heart good to be up on Mount Drabble – a route so familiar and dear to me. This has been one of my “home” mountains for a very long time.

I also needed to be with Penny – one of the finest people and hiking companions anyone could ask for. Quite simply – I love her and love being in her company. It was a good day.

Penny and I also had some wonderful conversations: one of the things I love about her is that she never puts her husband down. It’s very clear that she and John love each other – and that she respects him and cares for him. This is a testament to what a good relationship is all about. When your partner is not there to hear and will never know what is said – that you still talk with love and respect – this is a beautiful thing.

We also talked about happiness and I realized that, like all things, happiness is a choice. We can wake up any morning of our lives and choose grumpiness, sorrow or happiness. Everything is a choice. When I first saw the quote that Simon posted on his blog – that we are always one decision away from changing our lives – I thought immediately of big decisions, like the one we recently made to buy a house. But it’s often the smaller choices that turn our lives around. Simply making a decision to be happy – to look at the positive side of every issue and to choose happiness – can have the most profound effect. These internal decisions inform the more visible and evident ones.

Love – the centre of the universe – when we choose love over fear and apathy and all the other emotions that roil around in our hearts, we make a decision that will inexorably alter the course of our lives.

Today, I choose love and I choose happiness.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will choose happiness and love.

To keep a relationship alive and thriving, we have to choose the other person every day – to choose to love them and to be happy with them.

Nothing in this world can be taken for granted. Everything is a decision.

These beautiful mountains on Vancouver Island that I love so much – they are familiar to me – they feel like friends. But the places of power that I experienced this summer – they are where I am going. I am drawn there. I don’t even know that yet – not really. But, just as I have always been drawn to the Alps because of the power of those peaks and the awe they inspire in me – so too I am being drawn to the Rocky Mountains. I know it is so because that is where I am going.

There are no accidents.

I chose this place.

And I choose to be happy there.
p1000465_fotor p1000469_fotor p1000471_fotor p1000473_fotor p1000474_fotor p1000480_fotor p1000481_fotor p1000483_fotor p1000488_fotor p1000490_fotor p1000491_fotor p1000493_fotor p1000500_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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