Kootenay Hiking


Heaven to be back in the alpine. If I ever doubted that this was the place that calls to me, today’s hike erased it beyond a doubt.

If you hike in the Kootenays, you have to want to be there. We entered the “easiest” trailhead at Kootenay Provincial Park. Easy consisted of 16 kilometres of washboard, pock holed dirt road that, at some points, was quite mad. At the top trailhead, we found a sign telling us that two-wheel drive cars were not recommended. No kidding!

Still, with Simon’s brilliant driving combined with a dedication to getting me uppish, we made it and began a nice little afternoon hike of about 10K return to Kokanee Lake. This was our exploratory hike. We wanted to know: is a Kootenay Klunker high clearance vehicle necessary? (YES!) and, is alpine accessible? (YES YES!!)

It was as beautiful as the hikes we’ve done this summer in the Rockies – and we only touched on it. What we saw was enough for us to know that this place is as close to heaven as any mountains we’ve come across.

That done, we now just have to wait until tomorrow. We go to court at 9.45 am to put in our offer and discover our fate. If we don’t get the property in Silverton, then it’s off to Kaslo to put in an offer on that one. I think we’ll get this one. Either way, the fun begins.

P1000408_Fotor P1000412_Fotor P1000414_Fotor P1000417_Fotor P1000418_Fotor P1000419_Fotor P1000421_Fotor P1000423_Fotor P1000427_Fotor P1000428_Fotor P1000429_Fotor P1000430_Fotor P1000431_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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