Kaslo and other burgs

P1000391_FotorIt’s been another day of driving around the Slocan Valley, the idea being to thoroughly explore the communities of Silverton, New Denver ad Kaslo. We’d originally intended to visit only the first two, but last night, Cathy suggested Kaslo. So, why not, we thought – we could drive a complete loop, leaving Kaslo for the end.

First we visited the proposed property. Simon was pretty darn excited about it. Me, not so much. To my eyes, it was a monster elephant with so many projects to bring it all up to snuff, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Besides, Simon is excited about the projects – I’m not a big fan. I want somewhere quiet where I can be inside my head, hike and tend a garden. I don’t think I’m a great project type of person.

At any rate, the sun wasn’t where I wanted it to be. In the winter, especially, the house is going to be very dark. That said, I promised Simon – and myself – to think it over, go back tomorrow to view the inside and walk up the slope to the end of the property. I want to keep an open mind and see the possibilities.

That done, we headed off to Silverton: a charming little tiny town –  little tiny perfect town – so perfect, it could only be called a “Stepford Wives” town. Pretty but too pretty and seemingly slowly being taken over by Albertans buying a summer home.

Then off to New Denver, which was much funkier and busier – far more our kind of place. After that, it was off to Kaslo. That’s where we hit the jackpot. This was a place we both instantly liked . We knew we could live here. And, in fact, there was a funky little house for sale in our price range. Only one-quarter acre, but sunny and useable.

So – we found a realtor and we now have another showing tomorrow.

Two houses; two showings. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Back at the RV, we are now savouring the little things: a shower, a nap, a bit of time on the Internet and then dinner with Cathy and Nancy. I’m pretty excited about seeing them again. I’m also betting they’ll have a ton of good information for us about this whole area.

The future looks eminently unpredictable. And that’s not such a bad thing at all.

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