Verdant Pass

P1000365_Fotor Today we finally managed to “do” Verdant Pass.

The weather may not have been ideal – rain, wind, cold – but the sun broke through in spurts and the mountains revealed themselves through clouds and swirling mist.

We were a tad (a lot) skeptical into hour two of our hike as we were still in trees, waiting for the hike to become a wonderful, epic four-booter. We grew more and more skeptical. Could our guide-book be wrong for the first time?

Then we crested the meadow. Oh my! The views and the meadows stretched on and on. Never had either Simon or I seen such a wild alpine meadow. Every bit of wet brush we’d practically bushwhacked through was so so so worth it!

We could have spent the day there, even when the wind blew up and the rain clouds blew back in. But we were on a tight schedule with a dog pickup and getting ready to head back out tomorrow morning. Reluctantly we stopped after drinking in the meadows for about an hour or so and booted it back, peeling off rain jackets and putting them back on at the whim of the weather.

The day was glorious – shared with my love. On the way back, we came much too close to running out of gas – and would have if the Robson Park visitor’s centre hadn’t had a couple of pumps – which we were NOT expecting! We’d decided we were going to putter into Valemount on fumes or hitchhike or something.

So – what a wonderful win. And then we picked up puppies shiny and clean from baths and pawdicures. And now – ready for our next adventure, which may include buying property! EEEEEK!!!!P1000369_Fotor P1000371_Fotor P1000373_Fotor P1000376_Fotor P1000381_Fotor P1000382_Fotor P1000387_Fotor P1000388_Fotor P1000389_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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