Plan B, C, D and maybe even E

DSC_0103_FotorWell, we went with Plan B today – and a jolly good thing it was. It poured all night and all morning. When the clouds began to part just a touch this afternoon, we saw new snowfall on the mountains. I suspect Mount Robson would have been a very cold, wet and likely snowy place today and tonight.

I’m just as happy to be semi-warm (it never gets hot enough for me) and cozy in the SIGmobile.

Plan B continues with hiking Verdant Pass tomorrow and Cavell Meadows the next day before we dash off in theĀ general direction of the Slocan Valley.

And that’s where Plan C comes in. Simon and I have been talking for weeks and months about a piece of property where we can be pretty self-sufficient. It seems that while I went to bed early last night and slept the peaceful sleep of the innocent, Simon stayed up on the Internet getting highly excited about properties he was finding – one in particular. At breakfast he regaled me with the details: acres, house to lockup, outbuildings, soil, sun, etc.

We talked well into the afternoon and not just the two of us. Those talks included a realtor who figures prominently into Plan D, which calls for us to meet him at the property at 11.30 a.m. on the 27th. Plan D also calls for us to stay in the Slocan Valley until the 31st because that’s when the foreclosed property offers go to court and so on. Don’t ask for details – it’s all too much and too overwhelming to talk about right now. Suffice to say, we may or may not, be property owners soon.

Right – and that brings me to Plan E, which involves screaming and running around in circles while questioning any sanity I had left.

Deep breath.

There – I think I’ll be okay. I am going to contact a hiking group in the Slocan and see if they can rescue me. It seems that all the nearby hikes involve either a boat or a high clearance 4×4. I am hoping they will take me. What happens to me after that is a question that has yet to be answered. However, given our adventures in the wilds of the mountains so far, anything is possible.


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