Rest Day – sort of but not really

P1100932_FotorOur idea of a rest day:

I got up early-ish, letting Simon sleep in until almost nine because he reverted to night-owlish batman-ishness last night. So I puttered around, walked the dogs, fed them, had breakfast and generally cruised the Internet. So exciting to have actual in-house Internet and not have to drive over an hour to “plug in.”

Then I had the brilliant idea of driving to Banff to buy a new camera. My Lumix has had a spot on the Sensor for quite a while and it has been driving me ever crazier (yes – it is possible for me to be even madder than I already am.).

My thoughts wandered into even more important realms. If we were going to Banff, I might as well stock up on more fabulous chocolate as well as bread from the rather excellent Wild Flour Bakery. When I told Simon of my plans, he jumped on board, noting that Monad Sports is in Banff and he’s lost so much weight on this trip already that he has to buy trousers another size down. Yay!

Off we went, puppies in tow.

I got my camera: the new Lumix – a step up from what I currently have. It’s now all set up and charging. Tomorrow I will run it thoroughly through its paces on Pocaterra Ridge. (probably – we might change our minds and do Centennial). Simon got some camera gear for his Nikon. I got a hundred dollars worth of chocolate and in case you think that’s a lot of money to spend on such a luxury item, let me just say that chocolate is one of the basic four food groups and a total necessity. Also – good chocolate ain’t cheap. We got bread. We got pants. We had lunch. We walked the dogs. I got more hiking gear – another dry sack and so on.

We didn’t get home until almost four o’clock. Whew!

Bank account is feeling depleted. But hey – what the heck, right?

One last load of laundry doing before hiking all day tomorrow and then pulling up stakes the next day for Columbia Icefields.

One last word: I read Simon’s blog early this morning when I first woke up. It was supposed to be all about Assiniboine. It turned out that it was much more about his love for me. That photo at the top of this post is one of the ways he sees me. Simon’s eyes see my strength, my beauty and all the unique bits of who I am that others have rarely seen – and that I have often kept hidden from the world. I can show myself fully to Simon, knowing he accepts and loves me exactly as I am. My trust in that grows every day.

I don’t have the words to fully express how grateful I am to this most amazing man whose heart is so big that he strives every day to show his love in everything he does – whose soul is so big that the beauty of a hawk, a mountain or a fat little gopher can move him to tears.

This is why, every day, I know I am blessed.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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One Response to Rest Day – sort of but not really

  1. Alisa says:

    You guys are so cute haha

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