Cafe in Cochrane

P1100829_FotorOne thing that is undoubtedly interesting about being off-grid, is the places we find ourselves trying to catch up on the Internet. Today, it’s from a rather fascinating cafe in Cochrane (near Calgary) that is also a guitar shop, which plays loud country music.

We didn’t find our way here by accident. We just dropped Beryl off at the airport and this seemed the perfect place to come because apparently, every dog boarding facility in the province is located in Cochrane.

I am insanely pleased that we are checking these places out. We thought we were all set. But yesterday, after a nice little hike along Heart Creek, we stopped at the vet’s facility to fill out the paperwork for boarding Abby and Shanara. Then we went into the back to look at the kennels and play area.

When we got back to the car, Simon and I were of one mind: we are NOT putting our dogs into that place. This was not a kennel – it was a prison: dirty, stinky, tiny and overall gross. We love our dogs – we are not going to subject them to cruel and unusual punishment. Even if it means not hiking Assiniboine, we are not putting our dogs into such a place.

How could a veterinarian have such an awful place? Well, I suppose the vet doesn’t care about animals other than as money-making machines – also, it’s the only game in town (the place charges $78 a night for 2 dogs!!!).

This morning, we hope to find a nice place for them. If not, we stick to day hikes. We’ll still have a wonderful time and so will the puppies, who are now snoozing in the back of the car. And they’re happy.

We had a super time the last few days. Simon’s mother is pretty darn awesome. And now it’s all about what comes next – whatever it is, it’s going to be fun.

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