Buller Pass etc.

P1100726_Fotor Today, I am sitting in the Calgary airport while we wait for Simon’s mother to arrive.

Yesterday – this was the heaven where we found ourselves and following is the post I wrote last night after we got home:


Today we were blessed one more time with gorgeous weather and an epic hike in Kananaskis.

But before I get on with that, I also want to mention that I was doubly blessed. Yesterday, the Love of My Life, my amazing, talented, gorgeous and beyond generous husband, bought me a present that may well rank up there as one of the very best of my entire life: he bought me a pair of La Sportiva hiking boots. Well, actually, more a cross between hiking and mountaineering. They are totally spectacular and I wish I had a photo of them. You’ll just have to peer very closely at my feet in the summit photo of today’s hike.

Yes, he’s amazing. (As if I needed one more reason to be madly in love with him!)

Back to the hike. We had three to choose from. We picked Buller Pass and I’m so glad we did. It seems there isn’t a dud hike anywhere in this part of the world. Today’s ranks right up there with best hikes we’ve done in the Rockies.

The trail started off nice and level – a super warm-up for what was to come. After crossing a couple of nice bridges, we headed uphill, through a burn and eventually into a delightful larch forest. The views to the mountains opened up early – and those views were in all directions. This means I had to turn around often to admire what was behind me while falling in love with the trail ahead and the mountains looming up in the tight valley all around us.

We hiked through a magnificent rock garden and then arrived at the scree where the uphill trail steepened. Up and up and then the amazing reveal at the top: Ribbon Lake, a host of towering peaks and more passes in the distance.

The top was cold and windy and we layered up – then hunkered down in the lee of a giant rock to chow down on lunch.

The hike back was as beautiful as the hike up. We both decided that this was a brilliant day and one of our favourite places yet.

Back home, we got very efficient: found a new site that’s even better than the one we were in – tons of sun and right across from the lake. Then we drove off to dump grey and black water and fill up with clean water. Fed puppies set up again – and on and on. Whew!

Tomorrow we pick up Simon’s mother and spend four days having fun with her and exploring a whole new set of trails.

You might call it a full life. Very full.

P1100728_Fotor P1100732_Fotor P1100739_Fotor P1100741_Fotor P1100744_Fotor P1100745_Fotor P1100746_Fotor P1100747_Fotor P1100750_Fotor P1100756_Fotor P1100760_Fotor P1100762_Fotor P1100765_Fotor P1100766_Fotor P1100767_Fotor P1100769_Fotor P1100771_Fotor P1100775_Fotor

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