Sentinel Pass – Lake Louise

P1100299_Fotor Today was epic: not for length of hike – surprisingly short considering the elevation and ecosystems we hiked through – but epic for sheer eye-popping, soul-boggling beauty and majesty.

This was Sentinel Pass in Lake Louise. In other words, we went with Plan D. While it rained in Yoho, we crossed the divide and hiked in rain-free but chilly (cold) and fairly cloudy weather, broken by the occasional shafts of wondrous sunshine illuminating the mountains like God’s finger turning rock to gold.

We went up and up and up, layering up by stages, until, by the time we got up to the top of the steep pass, I was dressed in everything I owned including warm gloves and my down jacket over my Gore-tex and with my hat perched on top of my hoody – giving me the new fashion-forward look of a Turkish Sherpa transplanted to Tibet (or some such thing).

I couldn’t stop oohing and ahhing, especially when we reached the top and all of Paradise Valley opened up below us.

Simon did stellar work, overcoming his potential vertigo and striding up fearlessly, even when the slope got pretty darn steep.

Every step of the way was worth it. This is the stuff that feeds the soul. And even though it was Saturday in Lake Louise (can you say “crowds?”) nothing could detract from the sheer beauty of this place. It deserves everything that has been said of it – one of the “must-do” hikes in the Rockies.

We came back down, smiling, our bodies and hearts replenished, nourished and sated – then proceeded to sate with chocolate.

Nothing to do now but look forward to the Iceline Trail tomorrow – more epic-ness!

I am blessed, not only that I am here, doing this wondrous thing that makes me come alive, but also to be sharing it with the Love of my Life – who “gets it” at the same level that I do.P1100301_Fotor P1100307_Fotor P1100309_Fotor P1100310_Fotor P1100311_Fotor P1100312_Fotor P1100313_Fotor P1100314_Fotor P1100315_Fotor P1100316_Fotor P1100318_Fotor P1100320_Fotor P1100322_Fotor P1100323_Fotor P1100327_Fotor P1100328_Fotor P1100329_Fotor P1100330_Fotor P1100332_Fotor

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