Hoodoos in Yoho

P1100271_Fotor Busy day. First, there were the beautiful sunset shots of the mountains abutting our campsite. Then, after an early night and a not-so-early morning, we drove into Golden. That was a surprisingly disappointing visit. The town looks like its dying and it has a very cut-up feel. Despite this, it had a truly wonderful laundry – and that means that we have clean sheets and towels as well as everything else. I know we only did laundry in Revelstoke three days ago (four?) but I like to take advantage of every opportunity I get to fold clean clothes with my unique folding techniques. (you’ll have to ask my darling husband about that).

We found a pretty good organic food store, did some shopping, walked around, drove around and looked at the house Simon’s mother used to own – and then beat it back out of town.

The best part of the day was our hike on the Hoodoos trail after lunch. The trailhead is in our back yard – no driving required. It’s a short (two some kilometres) steep hike to the top. It felt so good making my body do some real work after yesterday’s drive.

The views into the gorge were quite wonderful, as were the hoodoos themselves, which I didn’t even know existed in the mountains in BC.

Now, after a game of Scrabble and a simple dinner, we are researching our hiking options for tomorrow. Plan A was to do the Iceline. But the weather forecast is not good for tomorrow for our part of the world. Plan B was to do Wolverine Pass. However, it seems there is a very large music festival taking place at a lodge on the access road – so a no go. We’d never get to the trailhead.

Plan C is to drive to Lake Louise and do Sentinel Pass. Simon has just discovered that we have to hike it in tight groups of four and I think it’s just a tad late to call Julie and tell her and Paul to come and join us.

I’m not sure about Plan D – maybe go and wait for two more people to join us? Attach ourselves to another group of four?

Maybe we have to look at Plan E.

Life is never dull.

Word for today: flexibility.
P1100272_Fotor P1100276_Fotor P1100277_Fotor P1100278_Fotor P1100279_Fotor P1100280_Fotor P1100281_Fotor P1100282_Fotor P1100283_Fotor P1100285_Fotor P1100286_Fotor P1100288_Fotor P1100289_Fotor P1100290_Fotor P1100291_Fotor

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