On to Yoho

P1100222_Fotor Finally – a chance to post photos from yesterday’s hike on the Asulkan Trail in Glacier – once again, let me reiterate what a brilliant and amazing day it was!

As you can see.

Today was entirely different. I have two speeds: all out or stop. Today I was at a stop. And while most people get tired after a fully active day, I just find myself revved up and ready to go even more. It’s a day like today that drains me. I am so tired that my head feels like it’s wrapped in cotton batting.

We were up early and I drove into town to put gas in the car and pick up some bread from the bakery while Simon emptied the tanks (more poop patrol) and filled with clean water.

Then we hooked up and drove over the Rogers Pass, through Golden and finally into the Kicking Horse campsite – which was full. We tried the next door campsite – also full. We drove back about twenty minutes to the Hoodoos campsite – small but blessedly not full and we have a spot in the sun, which is charging our solar panels beyond capacity – and we have views of rugged peaks right in our back yard.

After setting up and having lunch, we let the dogs stretch their legs on the surrounding trails. Then we drove to Field – a beautiful and charming little mountain village – and stopped at the Parks Canada office. Sadly, there will be no backpacking here – every site is fully booked for days – and we are here only six days.

No matter: we will go into Golden tomorrow for shopping and laundry. The next two days will give us very long day hikes with major elevation gains. Two of the hikes are rated as the most epic in the park: Iceline and Emerald Triangle.

I think it’s going to be wonderful to get out on those trails in this rather awesome summer weather we are now experiencing. Get this: shorts, bare feet and a tank top! And I’m not cold!

Awesome, right?

One last thing: with Simon’s hotspot booster, we have Internet!

Yeah – it doesn’t get much better – hehehe.P1100223_Fotor P1100228_Fotor P1100231_Fotor P1100236_Fotor P1100239_Fotor P1100243_Fotor P1100246_Fotor P1100247_Fotor P1100248_Fotor P1100250_Fotor P1100251_Fotor P1100252_Fotor P1100253_Fotor P1100255_Fotor P1100256_Fotor P1100257_Fotor

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