Short Hikes

P1100117_Fotor Yes, we are in the alpine (or closely accessible to it) and yes, the only photos I have to post are pictures of forests.

Why is that? It’s good that you ask. One word: rain!

It’s frustrating for me to be so close to where I want to be and yet so far away. I told Simon yesterday that this is the least amount of hiking I have ever done in the summer.

The weather is entirely to blame. But before you come to the conclusion (justified!) that all I’m going to do in this post is whine and complain, let me just say that we are making the best of it and we’re having quite a lovely day.

We pulled out our day packs this morning on the assumption we were going for a high alpine hike. But then it rained on the drive to town and, as we dropped off our garbage, we noticed the “Farmer’s Market” sign. How could we resist?

The market was purely sensational. This means we spent a wheelbarrow load of money on strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, jam, Indian food, and a mass of fresh organic vegetables and herbs.

We have backup food!

The Parks people also had a presence and I asked for recommendations for hiking today. The guy told us a weather system was moving in (you mean it left at some point and I didn’t notice?!) and Inspiration Woods in Mount Revelstoke Park would be a good bet. A short hike but pleasant.

He said Eva and Millar Lakes up to Jade Pass would be a terrific bet for tomorrow. So – our hiking plans have shifted one day. On the very bright side, I hadn’t known the pass was open so we have a super alpine destination!

And we took his advice and did Inspiration Woods: a short and really nice hike a bit like doing the Green Trail on Mount Tzouhalem.

The dogs had a good leg-stretch, we had a bit of exercise and we both got soaking wet – not from the misty rain but from the sweat trapped by our Gore-Tex.

I think a shower is in the cards for both of us later today. We are both beginning to smell a bit ripe: hiking, sweating, a smoky fire last night and other (ahem) activities.

Speaking of smoky fires, we had the best meal EVER! Simon wrapped a bunch of potatoes in tinfoil and threw them into the campfire. I cut up a selection of veggies, tossed them into the cast iron frypan with olive oil and a chunk of butter and placed them on the grill over the fire.

When the meal was done, the potatoes were so soft they were almost a cream. Cut them open, slathered them in butter, sprinkled with salt – heaven! I finished the veggies with fresh dill and crumbled Feta cheese. Words cannot describe how yummy this was – or how delightful it was to eat dinner by the campfire. Afterwards, Simon played and sang – wonderful evening!

So, you see? Not a grumpy post after all.

And I have tons of things to look forward to this afternoon: a nap for instance. And then: chocolate. Life is darn good.P1100119_Fotor P1100120_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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