P1100108_Fotor How I know that we are well and truly camping in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains: no Internet!

Well. obviously there is Internet or I wouldn’t be posting this. Let me clarify: there is no Internet at our campsite, not even over Simon’s enhanced and boosted hotspot. We pretty much have to drive the 30 or so K into town and sit in a cafe to get a signal. However, it’s a very nice cafe in a charming downtown, so I’m not complaining.

We left the Okanagan yesterday morning and had a nice easy drive to our campsite. I know that Simon was apprehensive that it would be full but we got a lovely spot. In fact, this might be our prettiest campsite yet. Forestry Service sites are definitely the way to go. They’re insanely cheap and private and very pretty. We are also learning well how to live off-grid. We are right on Revelstoke Lake and have a pretty walking trail down to an almost private beach.

We bought a Parks Canada pass in town yesterday and I spent a goodly (read hours) amount of time checking out hiking trails in the area. We have a fine selection. But (yes, there’s a but) the weather is not cooperating. Our intention for our first hike was Jade Lakes. We were told that we could get to Eva and Miller Lakes but Jade is still badly snowed in and not safe – no tracks at all. Cartier Mountain, however, faces south and will give us better luck. So: two hikes planned for Revelstoke. We were going to do one today but a monster thunderstorm moved in last night and it poured. No, not rain, buckets of water dumped on us. Poor Shanara – she doesn’t like thunder. Not. One. Bit.

At any rate, we decided on a down day today because it’s still raining. It’s also cold and cloudy and generally icky.

We didn’t even get out of bed until after eight o’clock.

All that said, we’re in the mountains and that feels awesome. Fascinating to leave a hot, dry arid place like theĀ Okanagan and two hours later to be in an entirely different world. We may as well be on another planet.

If it clears up even a bit this afternoon, I’ll at least do a short hike.

In the meantime, life is pretty darn sweet. I’m feeling beautifully loved – endlessly loved. And while the manager of the campground yesterday, thought I was Simon’s mother (really!?), the Parks Canada person had a hard time believing I was a senior and when we filled up with propane at the truck place in Vernon before leaving the Okanagan, a truck driver gave me the big come-on. To hell with age. Most importantly, Simon thinks I’m beautiful and sexy – what else matters? Ah – wait – one thing matters more: what I think!

And I think I’m vital, alive and full of life.

What’s more, I’m finding myself drifting in and out of thoughts of what’s next for me. I think something will be – just not sure what yet.

I need to get into the alpine – that’s where I sort myself out.

Life is good.

P1100109_Fotor P1100112_Fotor P1100113_Fotor P1100114_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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