High Rim Trail

P1100085_Fotor Today I got my fill of long-day-hiking – yay! It may not have been the most scenic or awe-inspiring hike, but any day hiking is fabulous, right?

The High Rim Trail connects Vernon to Kelowna – I did about 15 or so K in one direction and then back. Lots of elevation but it’s over a long distance – no scrambling or rough spots and it felt pretty easy. The beginning and end of the trail, through the grasslands above the shores of Kalamalka Lake are by far the prettiest. And although the trail is well-groomed, the signage is extremely poor. Abby and I did a few wrong turns and a last pull up to the top on a rather bad old forestry service road. I think most of the “bad” hiking is entirely my fault – trying to find the trail.

It was a good long day, muscles working hard. My only moment of anxiety came when I got back to the car to discover that my phone batteries had died and I wasn’t able to call Simon to tell him not to send out the search parties – I’d been hiking almost nine hours!

But all was well. I got to get home, have a hot shower and change into an actual dress! A summer dress with bare legs and sandals! Imagine that! So Simon took us both out for dinner – his two pretty girls!

Feeling very fine – and really looking forward to doing more laundry tomorrow. Yes – I am. And no, I am not normal. So there!P1100086_Fotor P1100088_Fotor P1100089_Fotor P1100099_Fotor P1100102_Fotor P1100104_Fotor P1100105_Fotor P1100106_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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