Wine, food and chocolate

P1100042_Fotor We picked up Alisa from the Kelowna airport last night and the party began.

First stop: downtown Kelowna and dinner at a Greek restaurant, carefully chosen because it was three steps from the first place we found to park the car.

As it turns out, the food was eminently edible.

Next: a quick drive through the downtown core to take note of the vibrant life – passing that by, we drove home to our version of vibrancy: a bit of desultory chat and a fairly early night.

Yes – we know how to party.

This morning – a new day – a monster rainstorm, after which we drove to Vernon. Here, Simon spent a fair amount of time at a battery store in an industrial sort of strip mall. While he did his best to sort out power from solar panels to batteries, Alisa and I sank into a comatose-type state in a slowly heating-up car.

Finally, done, we drove on to even more exciting places and times: first to a farmer’s field (oops), then back to Vernon and south in the direction of Kelowna. We turned off at Lake Country and followed signs to various wineries. I insisted on stopping at the fruit stands along the way – the result? bags and bags of cherries, apricots, peaches and blueberries with a handful of zucchini thrown in for good measure.

Simon and Alisa were more focussed on sophisticated pastimes, and so we hit four wineries. There was a great deal of sipping going on. I stood by with spare car keys in case it all got out of hand, which it didn’t for the most part although I must say that Alisa’s complexion grew rosier as the day wore on and after our last stop there was a certain amount of smiley sleepiness happening in the back seat.

We had a rather magnificent lunch at one of the wineries and I bought some spectacular chocolate bars at another. Simon purchased wine and we finally arrived back home with the intention of swimming in Lake Okanagan. But it started to rain again and instead, Simon is now playing with a solar panel on the living-room floor. What this means, essentially, is that he is muttering to himself while various wires, tools and unnamed bits of thingamabobs lay scattered on the floor among showers of dog hair.

As long as he’s having fun….

I’m not at all sure about this, but I think it comes fairly close to a “typical” day in the Okanagan.

I’m ready to hit the hills. Please – someone – take me up a mountain for therapy. Maybe leave me there until I develop a better attitude. Four or five or twenty years should do it.P1100045_Fotor P1100046_Fotor P1100047_Fotor

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