Vernon etc.

P1100034_Fotor We have another nice campsite. Took a super little walk on the surrounding trails this morning and then headed into Vernon, chiefly to check out the local gear outfitters. We had a considerable amount of success. Simon found the boots he was looking for. I found the new Osprey daypack I needed. No – not just wanted – needed. My old one was not working for me anymore. So – thrilled with the best fitting pack I’ve ever owned!

After that, we drove into downtown Vernon, had lunch and shopped at a super organic market and then drove around East Hill looking for the beautiful heritage house where I lived for a year. This was a zillion years ago of course and in searching I didn’t take into account that someone might have repurposed the house – or that the trees and shrubs might have grown.

Simon was the one who finally spotted it: still gorgeous but now a dentist’s office with a large parking area where my garden used to be – and the whole thing shaded by enormous trees.

That done, we headed back – leaving Vernon behind with the opinion that, given it’s strip malls and industry, it was better to head back to our little bit of heaven. And now that I’ve finished playing with my new pack (did I mention that I love it?), I’m going to charge my electronics, brush some badly shedding dogs, maybe feed them while I’m at it and then head for Kelowna to pick up Alisa!

The excitement around here never stops!

Oh – and meet our nicest neighbour – pic below.P1100037_Fotor

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