P1100033_FotorI took one last photo this morning from Pemberton, just before we left our campsite.

Our drive from Pemberton to Lillooet was epic. Simon unhooked the car; we’d heard enough about the Duffey Lake Road to know that a 36-foot land yacht towing a car would be an interesting experience, and not interesting in the totally positive sense.

It took time and we didn’t care. This has to rate as one of the most scenic roads in the country. Gorgeous – every inch of the way.

In Lillooet, we hooked back up and continued on our way to the Okanagan. The entire way we drove through truly magnificent scenery, from the deep canyon cut by the Fraser River to lush valleys from Kamloops down to Falkland and beyond. We stopped in Cache Creek for lunch. I felt like I’d travelled back in time to some 1950s road trip scene on Route 66 – a diner with burgers and fries and locals who didn’t give a damn about man buns and gladiator sandals. In fact, I saw one man with shorts and support hose coupled with white sneakers and ankle socks. He rocked the look.

We arrived here at about six – at a remote-ish campsite right on Okanagan Lake. It’s a forestry site, off-grid and quite lovely. We’ve been on the road since about 8 – so it’s been a long day. No cooking for me tonight. I think it’s going to be sandwiches, probably a game of Scrabble and an early night.

Even though I only drove for a couple of hours and Simon did all the heavy lifting, including emptying poop tanks etc., I’m tired from a day on the road.

Alisa arrives tomorrow! Fun! Hiking the Monashees! Visiting VPO in Vernon – campfires, singing – hell yes: we know how to party!

Did I mention that Simon was awesome today?

Actually, he was beyond awesome. He’s a hero. Lucky me to be the one who gets to love him every day and every night.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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