Mount Troubridge

P1090745_Fotor Today Simon and I hiked to the highest point on the SCT trail. In 8 hours we did about 26K and almost 1000 metres elevation. And all those statistics really don’t mean a thing. What matters is that the hike was stunning, beautifully shared and one of the best days we’ve had so far since we’ve left – maybe the best.

Yes, I think for me it was the best. I was falling in love with my man over and over again today. Everything was new: his smile, his voice, his kiss, his laughter, his teasing, his gentleness, his conversation – important, meaningful, kind, open, honest.

What can be better than a day of falling in love every step of the way?

We set out at about 8.30. knowing we would be driving for a while on logging roads. I am not good on those sorts of roads. For some reason, they bring up all sorts of stress for me. The original plan was to drive to the second connector and hike about 20K or so. By the time we got to the first connector, I was not feeling well. The road was just doing it to me. I felt stupid about that – but there you have it. Simon, bless him, parked the car and said, fine – we’re going in from here.

It made for a longer hike but I was happy to walk rather than ride.

And walk we did: through newer forest with sun pouring through the trees. Then there was a bit of a slog on an old logging road. And then we arrived at gorgeous Elephant Lakes. From there the trail climbed and climbed through increasingly spectacular forest. Such breathtaking beauty!

And then we came to a sign that read “Cabin.” Simon wanted to see the cabin. This, he said, was the famous Troubridge Hut. But it isn’t, I insisted. This is a pond. This is not Mount Troubridge. This is just a cabin.

All right he conceded. So on we went – up and up – past the false summit and finally to the top. Here were the views that fed my soul: snow-capped peaks all the way up Jervis Inlet. And, at the top – a falling down structure that used to be a cabin. But wait – I poked along just a touch farther – and there was the Troubridge Hut. A lovely structure just an inch or two past the top, surrounded by a million frogs. Side note: there were so many baby frogs along this trail, at times it seemed the very earth was moving under foot. It took some vigilance to stop ourselves from stepping on them. There were green frogs, brown frogs, spotted frogs and red frogs. The frogs were a high point of the trip!

At any rate, we had lunch at the Troubridge Hut and then headed back. But Simon was puzzled. We had heard that the Troubridge Hut was a log cabin and the most beautiful on the entire trail. The hut we’d seen at the top was nice enough, but fairly basic. We checked the map. And yes, there was another hut – but it was at the pond. I read farther, and lo! It seemed that the hut down by the pond was the Mount Troubridge hut. Really? Yes, really. The hut at the top of the mountain had no name at all. Really? Yes, really.

So we hoofed it back down, paid our respects to the very beautiful Troubridge Hut on Jocelyn Pond (!!!!) and continued to backtrack. making it to the car about 8 hours after setting out.

It was a fabulous day. It continued to get better. We got home, showered and drove to a wonderful Indian restaurant in the old Townsite. We had a super meal, wonderful conversation and love.

I love my man so much. My beautiful husband, lover and best friend.

Tomorrow, our adventure continues as we pack up, take our SIGmobile in for a touch of servicing and head for the Mainland for our first attempt at off the grid camping. Also Joffre Lakes, Garibaldi and other alpine adventures.

Life is amazing!
P1090746_Fotor P1090751_Fotor P1090761_Fotor P1090762_Fotor P1090765_Fotor P1090769_Fotor P1090770_Fotor P1090775_Fotor P1090776_Fotor P1090777_Fotor P1090778_Fotor P1090782_FotorP1090781_Fotor

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4 Responses to Mount Troubridge

  1. Hi! I came across your blog as I was researching the Mt. Troubridge section of the SCT. Your hike looks beautiful! A couple of friends and I are going to hike it as a 2-3 trip (next week) from Lang Bay, along Lois Lake, past Elephant Lake to Mt.Troubridge and then down the either side back to Saltry Bay. I’d appreciate if you could tell me how well marked the trail is. Also, I know that it gains quite a lot of elevation. Is it super steep in parts, or more of a steady uphill? Thanks…I look forward to reading more about your hikes!

    • goodyniosi says:

      Hi – this may be the best-marked trail ever! They’ve done a super job making sure no one ever gets lost or takes a wrong turn. Also – tons of switchbacks. Not strenuous at all and not steep. From what I’ve experienced of teh SCT, I’d say you
      ve picked the best part of the trail to hike. Oh – I just checked out your blog and your post on Opal Cone! Fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the info; good to hear this! I hope you get to Opal Cone. The hike to Elfin/Opal is getting very busy. Try to go during the week. Apparently you now need to reserve the cabin and camp sites through BC Parks. Happy hiking!

  3. goodyniosi says:

    Yes – we’ll reserve and stay 2 or 3 nights 🙂

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