Afternoon Hiking

P1090665_Fotor We woke up this morning to a wonderful sound! Um, actually, a lack of sound: no raindrops on the roof!

We had a rather lovely day, as a result – as a result of that and the fact that we had talked (as we are wont to do) and knew that endless rain can dampen attitudes. We also knew that a dip in happiness comes now and then. You ride it out and better days come. For us, they come quickly.

It also made a huge difference to get messages on this blog and from my dear friend in Nanaimo. I feel supported and cared about – and blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Kind words – and I am letting them sink in and settle as I ponder life. Good ponderings.

We went to the farmer’s market this morning and bought some lovely greens, herbs and veggies. Big salad for dinner tonight! This afternoon, I found the full Canyon View loops trail and in the thick of dark clouds overhead, blue sky followed Abby and I the entire time. It was and is a good day.

Tomorrow we are off to the Sunshine Coast – a brand new place to explore. I suspect there’ll also be lots of great hiking. But truthfully, what makes my life here on this adventure really great is being with Simon and knowing how much he loves me. I have never been so loved – and so completely accepted.

I’m blessed.

Tomorrow – who knows what tomorrow brings.P1090666_Fotor P1090667_Fotor P1090668_Fotor P1090673_Fotor P1090674_Fotor P1090675_Fotor P1090676_Fotor P1090677_Fotor P1090679_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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