Last Hike?

P1090412_Fotor Today was surely my last hike up Maple Mountain for a while.  Shanara, Abby and I trekked up Maple Syrup to the top and took the long and winding climbing route down. It was a super five hours in heat and sunshine. The puppies found a few very black and muddy water spots. I took four litres with me regardless and shared some of that out at lunchtime.

Abby actually lay down in one of the mud holes. Needless to say, there was a bit of power spraying that took place when we got back home.

Hiking alone gave me a chance to let my thoughts meander – and I really love that. I never know where I’m going to drift. Sometimes, I revel in my thoughts – ideas form and excite me. At other times, my thoughts are mundane as hell – i.e. – pick up milk on the way home.

Today I thought about love – more specifically making love.

I thought about how making love, in the best sense of the word is exactly that: two people coming together to create something beautiful and magical. When two people love each other, those intimate moments are about vulnerability –  opening up and allowing yourself to be fully seen – of taking down all walls and barriers – and of giving completely to the lover.

I think that this kind of intimacy, in some form or other, is an essential ingredient in a deeply loving and committed relationship.

All the technique in the world can’t make up for pure love and loving intention. And sometimes, making love is simply about holding another person – or touching them – and pouring your heart into that touch.

I am blessed to be loved and to love.

And these thoughts were beautiful accompaniments on today’s hike.P1090414_Fotor P1090415_Fotor P1090416_Fotor P1090419_Fotor P1090421_Fotor P1090422_Fotor P1090426_Fotor P1090429_Fotor P1090430_Fotor P1090431_Fotor P1090432_Fotor P1090433_Fotor P1090434_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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