P1090384And this was our favourite place to walk the dogs last night after dinner.

It was one more eventful day in a long string of days full of to-dos (and maybe not enough to-bes).

But it was a good day. Although, I also have to admit that right now, sitting here after a nap with a puppy dozing at my feet and one more a few feet away – with everything quiet and the rain falling gently outside, I feel a deep sense of peace.

I need these quiet intervals between lots of doing and driving and detailing and moving on from one task to the next. And every time I think that, I realize that Simon is doing so much more than I am. It worries me a bit – that he’s not getting enough “Simon” time – for playing his music, for writing, for just being and doing nothing at all.

Yesterday we shopped in downtown Victoria and I bought two (TWO!!!) summer dresses. Got them at an amazing price and it feels quite wonderful. I feel pretty in the dresses. They are exactly what I wanted.

After shopping we checked into our hotel, crashed for a few minutes and then went to the writer’s circle. That was a big success for both of us. Simon’s book is going to be a huge success. I feel this deep in my bones. He has an amazing story to tell and he’s driving the plot beautifully.

What’s going to be so nice on this trip is more writing. I am looking forward, not only to my own writing, but also (even more) to editing Simon’s next chapters – to finishing that amazing book! Exciting!

Also exciting that, thanks to Sylvia, we found our first camping spot near Campbell River!

Back to Victoria. We were up early this morning, drove to the hospital and declined the test Simon was scheduled for. I applauded his decision. Really – who wants huge doses of radioactive crap shot into their body?

So – back home with a stop at the Garage for a fabulous breakfast. Simon gave me the best massage (filled with a deeply loving touch – which is the real healing secret). I had a nap. My back feels soooo much better. I had wonderful dark chocolate and am ready to tackle a nice walk in the woods and a huge hike tomorrow.

Life isn’t just good – it rocks!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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