Exploring Mount Benson

P1090357_Fotor I have never been more convinced that I need to get out and hike regularly – and by “regularly” I mean every day! Okay – maybe not every day. Every third day? Twice a week? I think at least twice a week.

I worked today (so did the puppies). And now my body feels wonderful. Fresh out of a shower – physically tired. Just glorious! This is when I feel healthy and strong – good down to my bones.

We got to the trailhead at Morrell at 9.30. I was determined to find the new southeast ridge route and get to the top of Benson. So off we went – topped Roberts Roost and went down the usual way to the quarry. Happily, Shanara found a way down to the water – blazed the trail so Abby could follow – happy swimming and cooling off for both dogs! (I carried four litres of water today – not knowing what the situation would be like).

From there we took the upper road, looking for a trail heading off to the left. We found nothing. We trudged on and on up the hot, dusty, rocky road. Eventually I saw that we had topped Cougar Bluff. And so we continued to the top via the Te-Tuxw-Tun trail. arriving at the summit at about 12.30. So – top: check. New trail? Nope – another trip is needed to find the darn thing. I am stubborn and determined. So there!

From the top, we headed back down via the regular route and then angled sharply right to get back to the Westwood Ridges where we took the outer ridge trail to eventually arrive back at our start point almost seven hours from setting out.

Along the way, we had glorious sunshine and the puppies found a whole bunch of deep, often hidden, pools where they could romp, swim and drink. It turns out my four litres was overkill but I don’t ever want to be caught short with thirsty dogs. I’d rather carry the extra weight.

I also decided to call Simon today from our lunch spot a couple of metres down from the summit. This was the place we had lunch when we both did Benson a few weeks ago. Naturally, I was thinking of Simon – I carry him with me everywhere I go – and I wanted to share the happiness of sitting on moss-covered rocks, ready to wolf down a yummy sandwich. As it turns out, I had to leave a message because, of course, Simon was fully engaged in cleaning, polishing and practically detailing the motor home. My gosh, it looks amazing!

I thought of something else today on the long hike down and back to the car – I love the way Simon looks at me. When he looks into my eyes, he radiates love. I am quite, quite sure I have never had a man look at me like this before. This is precious. When he looks into my eyes, I feel beautiful and loved. I am so lucky – and so grateful. This is something I will never take for granted. Never. I love this man with all my heart. He changed a light bulb for me today! Not a big deal? Oh yes, it is! Lucky – yep – that’s me.

P1090360_Fotor P1090361_Fotor P1090362_Fotor P1090364_Fotor P1090367_Fotor P1090368_Fotor P1090369_Fotor P1090370_Fotor P1090371_Fotor P1090372_Fotor P1090374_Fotor P1090375_Fotor P1090376_Fotor P1090377_Fotor P1090379_Fotor P1090380_Fotor P1090381_Fotor P1090382_Fotor P1090383_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Exploring Mount Benson

  1. You need to re-name the Rolling Turd the Rolling Love Nest! It’s gorgeous! Looks very roomy and clean. Thank you for sharing pics. As for being looked at with true love, I have that too, and it IS glorious. In the sci-fi movie avatar, the natives express this by saying “I SEE you.” As in, the real you, deep down in your soul. And it is indeed wonderful to be seen. Happy adventuring to you all!

  2. goodyniosi says:

    Thanks for a beautiful comment. I think we’ll stick with SIGmobile (Silly Idiotic Grins – in other words, how you smile all the time when you’re in love :)))

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