Yellow Point

P1090339_Fotor It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun is pouring into the stable, the door is open, the puppies are dozing after a nice, long afternoon hike and a good dinner. Contentment all around.

This morning, we visited the Cedar Farmer’s Market for the first time this season – what a delight! I almost forgot how much I like shopping at the market – how much I appreciate fresh, organic local produce. I like the growers – I like the crowds – I like the entertainment. It’s just a good time all around. And, of course, fabulous food!

Then – lunch, a very short power nap and a hike with the puppies at Yellow Point Park. Crossing both beaver dams (tricky this early in the season) and wandering down the convoluted little-used trails, makes for a really nice 2.5 hour hike. Shanara and Abby were particularly pleased – a lake and two ponds to swim in!

I was loving every minute of it, but I also had a thought. Simon spent the day working on many, many motor home details, including light replacements and – well – stuff. So, as I hiked and took photos and noticed all my favourite bits of the nature preserve, including the big sun-swept meadow, I kept thinking how Simon would love it and what we would say to each other about the magnificent nature all around us. I knew he would love it here.

And I realized how much I missed hiking with him. We’ve been busy – so there’s a very good reason he hasn’t joined the puppies and me. But I miss it. I miss big hiking – period! Even more, I miss sharing these outdoor adventures with my love. On the happy side, this is a situation that is very soon going to be rectified. In about a week, we’re off and then we’ll be sharing a three-month adventure with countless hikes!

We’re going to have the time of our lives.P1090341_Fotor P1090342_Fotor P1090343_Fotor P1090344_Fotor P1090345_Fotor P1090346_Fotor P1090347_Fotor P1090349_Fotor P1090350_Fotor P1090352_Fotor P1090353_Fotor P1090354_Fotor P1090355_Fotor

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