The SIGmobile

P1090333_Fotor And here it is: the SIGmobile, AKA “The Land Yacht” AKA “The Rolling Turd” AKA “Elvanian Command Centre.

I think we’ll stick with SIGmobile.

I can’t describe how good it feels right now to be sitting here, fresh out of a bath (meaning all the gunk, sweat and stink swirled down the drain along with bath bubbles), dressed in clean, comfy clothes. Heck, I even managed to get my manicure done!

It’s been an eventful day. It started with a quick dog walk in the back 40 and then, carrying a bucket loaded with cleaning supplies, I descend on the SIGmobile. What was truly wonderful was how clean it was already. The previous owners practically detailed it. But I scrubbed the bathroom anyway, tossed away a bunch of old rags and such, vacuumed the mattress, cleaned all the cupboards, sink, convection oven and so on.

Then I had the great pleasure of beginning to move our things into the home – bedding, dishes and so on. There’s more space than I thought there would be. We’ll do very well indeed here. As Simon suggested, the act of doing all this for a good four hours today helped make it ours.

What I like about the SIGmobile is that the space is limited. I have been simplifying and minimizing my life for some time now. This is a good way to do that even more. What do we really need? Not much, it turns out.

If we do keep this home to put on some land we buy while we build an off-grid cabin, I think we’ll manage very comfortably. I can live like this. We don’t need much – we only think we do because we are bombarded daily by the media that loves to turn us into a consumer society.

Rather than consume, I’d like to give back: some land, a vegetable garden, some trails climbing into the alpine: what more do we need?

But cleaning the motor home wasn’t the only thing I did today. I also cleaned and vacuumed the stable. With two dogs in residence, this is probably going to be a daily chore. Happily, it’s not a big space and doesn’t take long.

Here’s what makes me feel good: moving stuff out of the stable and into the motor home and/or storage. It’s beginning to look like a home again rather than a hodgepodge of “stuff.” I do like things to be organized (and to look nice). Same for the motor home – getting it settled in.

Two spaces – both feeling good. This is nice.

Here’s what else makes me feel good – being so crazily loved by Simon – and being in love with him. I still marvel at our love every day – will marvel at it and appreciate it forever.
P1090334_Fotor P1090335_Fotor P1090336_Fotor P1090337_Fotor P1090338_Fotor

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