Still Moving Day

P1090282_FotorWe keep getting closer. Today I am sitting in the empty floathouse after spending a good part of he day cleaning. I think I have now breathed in enough what feels like toxic fumes to last a long time.

My chores: arm myself with an all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and several rags; start upstairs in the shower, work my way around to the studio and bedroom and then downstairs to the bathroom, kitchen and living room – essentially clean anything that’s not moving. (the dogs were very careful to exhibit signs of life).

I cleaned inside the fridge, cupboards, drawers – scrubbed and vacuumed. Vacuumed all those little places you never get around to because they’re covered by furniture. When I was finally done, I took the puppies to the green trail – because really – enough already!

Simon still has to do the seriously grungy spots (oven and the far under-sink corner). But we pretty much have it done. While I clean the motor home tomorrow (yay! More cleaning!), Simon will come back to finish off.

The end is in sight. The motor home is also almost ready to go. Just a few more things to handle.


When I get so involved in “doing”, I can easily forget to just be. Today is that kind of day. What I want and need right now more than anything is a long, hot bath and some pampering. A day at the spa? Mmmmmm.

But a long, hot bath ought to do it. And all this time, while I think I need some R&R, Simon is doing ten times what I am. He is fully engaged in prepping the motor home and physically moving everything into storage. He’s really amazing. And I am so appreciative of everything he does. I am fully aware that everything is for us – for his family.

So – on my to-do list: clean and organize the motor home tomorrow, walk with the dogs and then find every opportunity I can to get out and hike.

Also – find opportunities to cuddle with my husband. Stop doing for a while. take a breath and slow down. That’s sometimes the hard part for me – to take a break from the momentum of movement.

Uh-oh – just put another thing on my list – manicure. After today, my hands look like they’ve been steeping in a bowl of acid in the Mojave Desert for two weeks. Eek!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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