Moving Day

P1090308_FotorHow did it get to be so late already?

There’s nothing quite like the chaos of moving day – for us, just because we like messy stuff so much – moving day is spreading itself out over an entire week. Wheeee!

I don’t have nearly the to-do list that Simon dies. We were up at the crack of dawn. Simon loaded his car and took off to load up the motorhome with musical stuff. I took care of bedding, some clothing, food, laundry – etc. etc. – loaded my car with all that plus puppies and took off.

I have only just now finished semi-organizing everything I brought. The challenge is to fit eveything into this rather tiny space. But I’m up for it! We will find a way!

And very soon, we will be loading up the motorhome and taking off.

This afternoon, two friends with trucks will help Simon move all the big pieces into storage – except for the TV, which comes to the stable. We’ll make it work!

The rest of the week involves driving back and forth to RV and Truck places – Simon driving the RV and me the car – chauffering is, I believe, the correct terminology.

At some point in all this, it’s going to be done and we are going to take a very deep breath and relax.

What we have to remember is to take some down time every day. It doesn’t have to be much – but it’s important. The dogs need  stability as well. I took them into the back 40 this morning and now they are both snoozing. I think they’re going to do just fine – probably better that the humans, but then dogs have us beat in pretty well every area of life, so why not adjustment to change as well?

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