Thoughts on love

P1090286_FotorAll sorts of things conspired to make today special and beautiful.

First – two days in a row hiking. Today it was just me and the puppies exploring new trails on Mount Tzouhalem.

Then there was the happy adventure of Simon setting up our new Hilleberg expedition tent. Wow! I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I feel rather remiss that I didn’t take photos. I suppose I’ll have to do that the first time we use it for real – which will be coming up very shortly.

Most of all, the day was special because in my happy, meditative hiking state, I reflected on love – most specifically, Simon’s love.

I wish I could remember all the thoughts that ran through my mind. Every one of them filled me and made me happy in a very deep place.

One thing that did occur to me is that Simon and I are alike in many ways. We are different – of course – we are independent, strong people. But we share certain characteristics – the wonderful things that bring us to those happy places of “Me too!” I think one of those places is the way we love.

I have told Simon – and thought it more often than I have told him – that one of the great gifts he has given me is the space that allows me to give love. He is the first person who has allowed me to love him with all the love inside me. Before Simon, I always kept pieces of that love hidden. I had learned that my love overwhelmed people – chased them away. It was too much.

It’s not too much for Simon. I love deeply, passionately, completely, from the bottom of my heart and soul, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to express the fullness of it in words and actions.

What I have experienced from Simon is the same huge, giving overwhelming love. He shows it every day – expresses it every day. He holds nothing back. And I am so very willing to receive it. I revel in being loved like this – and in giving it back.

I believe that we are meant to feel, show and give love like this – wholeheartedly, without restraint. But how many of us do? This is one of the biggest reasons I feel so blessed – that I can give this love.

This is what makes life sing. When we can give love like this to one person – and, if we are lucky, receive it back, we heal at a soul level – and we have more love to give to everyone else.

This is how we make this a better world – in one small corner of the earth at a time: one person healed at a time.
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