beautiful feelings

P1090266_Fotor It was as we were coming back down the dock to the floathouse after our writer’s circle meeting in Victoria this evening that I said to Simon, “I feel good.” I may have said that I feel wonderful – or beautiful or amazing – but one of those words certainly popped out.

It’s true – today has been unremarkable but noteworthy – both at the same time. We packed in an awful lot.

After breakfast, Abby, Shanara and I drove to the Richards Mountain trailhead where we met up with Penny and started another one of those exploratory hikes. Where this one beat all the others in “fun” factors was the bushwhacking. A trail petered out and we figured we might as well keep going. You know where that leads – to the place where even when you finally realize you would be wise to turn back, it’s no longer an option.

And, as I said to Penny, it seems both appropriate and ironic that this is the one time I am not carrying my GPS. We accumulated a few scratches on our legs and kept on going. We topped cliff after cliff (who knew that there was scrambling available on Richards!?) with view after view and eventually, finally, got back on a trail and back to the trailhead in perfect time for me to get back home, shower and head down to Victoria.

Simon’s new Hilleberg tent had arrived (oh the excitement of setting it up soon!) and we were on a quest for a new guitar. Simon is playing it right now. It’s a beauty. Even I, who doesn’t have an ear for this sort of thing, can tell that the tone is very special indeed!

Then – good times at the writer’s circle. Even when it isn’t my work being critiqued, I am learning.

And then we drove back. I can’t really describe what it was that made me feel very much loved all day today, but I have. It’s the little things that Simon does that make me feel so cherished. Right now – at this moment – I know that I am filled with love – the love I have for Simon and the love that flows back to me from him. I wish I could explain this full feeling – almost overwhelming. It spills over to include everyone living thing on this beautiful planet of ours.

Love is the force – it is magnetic – we spin around it’s centre.

Happy. Contented. Appreciative of this wonderful man I call “husband.” I am blessed.P1090267_Fotor P1090268_Fotor P1090269_Fotor P1090270_Fotor P1090273_Fotor P1090275_Fotor P1090278_Fotor P1090279_Fotor P1090282_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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