And so it Begins

P1090099_Fotor I feel like I’m taking my first deep breath of the day.

Yesterday was both amazing and exhausting. We spent the day on the ferries and on the road – it was tiring, likely more so for the puppies than for us, but we got our motor home and it’s a beauty. Simon will go back to Vancouver on Thursday to pick it up and drive it back. Then we have to get it ready. We have about five weeks before hitting the road. And suddenly, five weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time.

With Simon’s floathouse sold, we have to move his stuff into my place and into storage. So this morning, after he left to take care of insurance and other paperwork, I set about doing a bit of re-organizing of this space: that ended up taking all morning because I cleaned as I went. I emptied out half the closet, another drawer, the laundry/mud room – cleaned and cleaned – threw stuff out and took it down to the garage.

I was a bit of a whirlwind. I also had time to take stock: what can I throw into a garage sale: many. many books – and clothing – and probably a lot of “little things”. My aim is to make this as much Simon’s place as mine for the time we have to be here before we find a place of our own.

After lunch, I called all the usual billing suspects: Shaw, Visa, M/C etc. – I need to get everything sent electronically so I keep up with bill payments. It’s surprising (or maybe not) how much time that takes. Those sorts of organizational chores tire me more than anything.

When I was finally done, I took Abby for a walk on the MC trail and then I shopped: a major stock-up of food and “stuff.” (chocolate – down to my last half-dozen bars eek!)

It’s hard to believe it’s almsot 5.30 and I haven’t done any writing. But I’m done now. I can focus. And tomorrow I plan to spend the entire morning on the Harewood Plains – and Simon and I will hike Mount Benson on Monday. I think it’s critical for both of us, no matter how caught up we are in moves and preparations, to continue to do what feeds our souls. Major changes (and we have a bunch of them) are madly stressful. It’s our hikes, our exercise, our music, our time in nature and our writing that will keep us balanced and happy – and, of course, times spend together, focused on each other.

It’s easy to get caught up – balance is key.

This is a big commitment we’ve made – a major purchase together – our first home. We are moving forward in our lives. I feel myself standing on the edge of my comfort zone. I know I am jumping. And I know that as I leap, I will spread my wings and fly.P1090100_Fotor P1090101_Fotor P1090102_Fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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