Mount Prevost and other thoughts

imageToday, Penny and I hiked up Mount Prevost in what appeared to be inclement weather. The temptation to stay in bed this morning, was strong. Really, why wouldn’t I want to stay in bed when there’s a gorgeous man in it who is hugging me and caressing me – sigh.

But I forced myself to get up, take a quick shower and get my bum into my car with two dogs in tow. I’m so glad I did. It was a super day. Spring is the most amazing season on Mount Prevost, especially on the lower section on Bing’s Creek. The greens were so fluorescent they almost hurt the eyes to look at them: the deepest loden of the ferns to the brightest lime of new maple flowers and leaves – and everything in between.

We hiked up and up to the top where the temperature dropped significantly and I was so glad I’d borrowed Simon’s gloves. We huddled in the shelter of trees at the far side of the top to scarf down our lunch and then carefully navigated the steep and slippery downhill to the warmer mid-sections where we peeled all the layers off again.

In the afternoon, the sun deigned to come out, making the spring landscape even more beautiful.

In other news, I do believe that Simon and I have reached another milestone – a sort of weird one, it seems. Last night I had a nightmare where he was in danger (I can’t recall details). When I became really frightened I woke up to Simon sitting bolt upright. He too had woken up from a dream of danger. Are we now sharing dreams? Oddly enough, it wouldn’t surprise me. We already share so many thoughts, it has almost become commonplace.

Another lovely thought for the day: not that long ago – in our early days – I had a certain amount of trouble falling asleep with him because it was all so new. Now, when I sleep alone, I find myself tossing and turning restlessly. I have grown accustomed to his deep breathing beside me and the warmth that radiates from him. When I am curled up close to him, I fall asleep deeply contented and inordinately happy. What a lovely change in my life.

I have only one problem: now that my manuscript is complete, I have nothing to write! Well, I have my blog, but really, how many pages can I string this post out on? I suppose I could get a start on my next book, but it’s contingent on the events in my life and, as a result, I have to wait another month or so. And so, I find myself idle. Eek!

What this means is that either I truly am a writer who must write as surely as she must breathe, or I’m completely OCD and can’t bear not having anything to do for even one day.

I hope that the former is true. Knowing me, it could be either one. (Sigh)

I think I’ll just go for being idle for the rest of the day. So there!

Of course, I could go up to the studio and work on the guitar.


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