Westwood Ridges/Roberts Roost

P1080799_Fotor It has been and still is being a very fine day.

Julie and I set off on the Westwood Ridges hike at 9.30 and covered 16.5 K in 4.5 hours. We included Roberts Roost, where we had a well-earned lunch. I think at about the halfway point, we both wished we had worn shorts, although we were NOT overdressed!

It was just a perfect day to be out.

I got home, had a nap (yummy) and then a bubble bath (double yummy). Possibly the most exciting part of my day involved cleaning. Yes – cleaning. I scrubbed my boots (ten pounds of mud scraped off) and re-waterproofed them. Then I threw rain pants and both pairs of gaiters into the machine and re-waterproofed all. I actually have clean gaiters! This is a stunning result considering the state they were in!

And that’s it. I shall now guitar, write and fritter away a considerable amount of time checking out new books and movie releases on iTunes, cup of tea in hand.

And it wasn’t just the hike that was delightful today, it was also the talk. Julie and I talk when we hike – A LOT!

Today’s main subject was our men and how super awesome they are. Near the end of the hike, we actually had a fun contest, vying for the “my man is the best” title. I admit that Paul does some pretty amazing things for her and I’d be happy to list them, but I won’t repeat what was said, even though I was not sworn to secrecy. I will however say, that the details of Paul’s awesomeness were going to be pretty hard to beat.

I countered vigorously. Simon cleaned my car inside and out. He bought me a charger and chargeable batteries and LED lightbulbs! He gave me a Dr. Seuss book to help me rhyme better! (although that was probably a lost cause.) He says I love you and kisses me ALL THE TIME! And no one, but no one can beat the look in his eyes when he gazes into mine. He holds the door open for me.He sings songs to me. Nuff said – he is tops!



P1080800_Fotor P1080803_Fotor P1080805_Fotor P1080806_Fotor P1080807_Fotor P1080808_Fotor P1080810_Fotor P1080811_Fotor P1080812_Fotor P1080813_Fotor P1080814_Fotor P1080815_Fotor

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