Hardy Ridge

P1080593_Fotor The pups and I are having a super day. Right now, they are doing their favourite thing: sleeping. At least, I’m guessing it’s their fav because we hiked on Hardy Ridge for three hours this morning. They’re reasonably pooped.

It turned out to be a really nice day. In other words, no rain. We got to the trailhead at about 9.15 and started up. This was my third trip up Hardy Ridge and the first time I managed to get a view. Pretty darn nice! But it’s the close-in views here that, to my mind, are the prettiest. The moss-covered cliffs and crags were particularly beautiful today.

I had slipped a new T-shirt over Shanara today (to keep her surgery stitches clean). I figured that after yesterday I was a dab hand at this. However, 15 minutes into our hike, I had to stop to readjust: the knot had come undone. With that settled, we continued. Half an hour later, Shanara was stepping all over the sleeves. I readjusted. All was fine until I came across the T-shirt on the trail with Shanara somewhere up ahead. I couldn’t put it back on her. It seemed to have stretched out – it was also very muddy.

What to do? I dug into my backpack and dragged out my sling. With some clever knotting, I fit it over the wound and around her neck. That held for almost ten minutes. I readjusted. Five minutes later I readjusted again. And so we went for the rest of the hike: walk five minutes – readjust sling. I had no idea a dog could do so many interesting things with a cloth triangle: these included slipping it down to her bum, using it as a sling for her leg, and pulling it around her ears like a headband.

I suspect she was pleased to be rid of it when we got back to the car.

In other incidents of comic relief, I meant to bring my GPS to map the route. “Meant to bring” are key words here. Maybe it’s just as well – there is now no permanent record of the interesting misstep I took before turning us around and getting back on track.

It’s almost time to take the pups out to the back 40 for a quick romp. Then I am slipping into a hot bath. Ahhhhh.

Writing and guitaring still to come.

How did I ever find time to work?

When I woke up this morning I found myself fully on Simon’s side of the bed with the covers draped artfully on the floor (on his side). It appears that I miss him just a tad.
P1080598_Fotor P1080599_Fotor P1080600_Fotor P1080601_Fotor P1080602_Fotor P1080603_Fotor P1080605_Fotor P1080607_Fotor P1080608_Fotor P1080609_Fotor P1080610_Fotor P1080611_Fotor

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