Richard’s Mountain

image The weather didn’t immediately look promising this morning, but Penny and I had planned a hike and gosh darn it all, when Penny and I decide to hike, we jolly well do it. As we said today, walking on one of the many trails on Richards Mountain, if you’re not willing to hike in the rain on the West Coast, then you probably just won’t get out all that much.

As it turned out, we made the right decision. The rain eased off shortly after we set out and by the time we stopped for lunch at the lookout, it had stopped altogether. For me, this was a particularly enjoyable hike because it was all new to me – completely new. I’d been eying Richards Mountain for some time. It’s not particularly high or even interesting but, for me, it was new. Penny was the perfect guide: she knows these trails and, when she doesn’t know one of them, she’s got a pretty good idea where it will lead.

Both dogs had a super time, especially Shanara, who got to lead on the trail and even chase a stick into the lake.

I tried out my GPS again and learned a lot, namely that I have more learning to do. Note to self – reread the instruction book.

Simon also had a very productive day, much of it involving planning our trip, which is looming on the not too distant horizon. Really, it’s less than three months off.

More planning to come.  Excitement this weekend. Things are moving and changing and life is about as good as it can possibly be.

Note: Penny and I talked a wee bit about the men in our lives, both of us realizing how very fortunate we are to have a man who loves us. Understanding that love, seeing how it is manifested and then truly appreciating it – a real formula for happiness.
image image image image image image

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