Learning Curve

P1080485_Fotor Today I have been (and still am) on a learning curve. Never have I been more grateful to the TAHVI community for helping me along on this.

After Simon left this morning to go back to the floathouse, I hit the MC trail with Abby, my camera and the new GPS. I was thrilled to see how intuitive it was. Yes, I pushed all available buttons but found that tracks and view map worked brilliantly. Marking waypoints – all good and well.

Then, this afternoon, I took it out again to Hemer Park, trying for routes. Well, after hitting a starting waypoint 7 times and making a huge purple blotch on the map, I went back to tracks, only to discover that the GPS thought I was still on the morning’s track. That made for an interesting route. In my defense, it did record the map – it’s just that it thought I’d been walking all the way to Hemer from the Nanaimo River.

Soooo – I got home, read (skimmed) the instructions – sort of made sense – then deleted every single track and route. A fresh start seemed like a fine idea.

Then, thanks to advice from TAHVI members (especially Chris), I downloaded Garmin Basecamp – which then allowed me to download GPX files on the TAHVI site. That part I figured out right away. I now have one stored file and have figured out (more or less) what to do with future tracks and routes.

Hiking with Julie and/or others tomorrow, so should, with any luck, be able to create a comprehensive GPX file of the Westwood Ridges.


What all of this really means is that I got very little done today, other than a few loads of laundry. Must still do nails, strum guitar and write. Sheesh!

Where on earth does the time go?

On the other hand, I’m learning and having fun! Yay!

P1080486_Fotor P1080488_Fotor P1080489_Fotor P1080490_Fotor P1080491_Fotor P1080492_Fotor P1080493_Fotor P1080494_Fotor P1080495_Fotor P1080496_Fotor

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