Ah, Sunday – waking up to rain pounding down on the roof and thinking, “Let’s go with Plan B.” Never mind the fact that we didn’t have a Plan B – we could just make it up as we went along.

Since we were getting very low on bread, baking seemed like a good idea. So I did and we had a warm salad with warm home baked bread. While it was going through its various risings, we took the dogs for a walk in the back 40 – and it was about that time (mid morning) that the sun began to break through.

I thought that an afternoon hike might be in order. I also thought that a morning hike in the rain, with the sun coming out later would also have been delightful. Simon, however, also had a good idea: a Sunday drive through all the back roads across from Cedar on the other side of the highway.

In our search for the perfect place to live, this seemed a good idea: either we would find areas we loved or we would eliminate a whole section of the mid-island.

We set out at about one-thirty. I armed myself with my new GPS because we also took the dogs and surely we would find a place to let them run, which would also be the perfect excuse to try out the new toy.

Not all things go as planned. We went up and down many roads, giggling most of the way – pretty raucously I have to admit – something about the house decorations along the way. To wit: a giant Snoopy cutout lying on top of a garden shed; life-size Easter Island stone heads (I’m not making this up), a flock of angels, a rusted miniature train; about two tons of rubbish and last, but far from least, a garden diligently decorated with soldierly ranks of rocks sticking vertically out of the ground: a rock garden.

We eliminated that part of the island as a potential place to homestead – and not solely because of the rock garden, although it certainly made its contribution to our decision.

Happily, there was a brief uphill walk along the way (naturally, I forgot I had my GPS with me so of course, I never did get to try it out) and now, back home where I hope to spend some time writing. Also hoping that inspiration will strike.

I am now practising two chords on the guitar along with my scales. Things are moving along. Exiting! I plan on doing lots more practising to get those finger movements speeding up.

And that’s about it, except for the best part of the day – doing all of this with the Love Of My Life (LOMYL).

Happy me.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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