Happy Heart Day


Valentine’s Day couldn’t get much better than this: first because I actually have a Valentine, or whatever it is you’re supposed to call the love of your life on this duly designated heart day. Of course, what this actually means is that every day for the rest of my life is V-day: such a deal I’ve got.

I have a man in my life who loves me, who wants to please me in every possible way ( and he does  –  in every possible way), and who looked at me yesterday and asked me to be his Valentine.

Life gets no sweeter than this.

Then they are so many more reasons why today is extra special. After a delicious super breakfast, I took the dogs exploring on Mount Tzouhalem. Those who know me well know that few things give me more pleasure than discovering and mapping new trails.  I’d heard enough talk about the “Awesome trail” and I was ready to find it. My initial plan was to hike to Jitka’s bench and then take the alternate route (awesome trail) back down. But when I arrived at the Hydro lines, I decided to find the new trail’s beginning at the bottom: much more fun to throw a bit of uncertainty into the mix.

It was a super decision. The dogs and I headed up what looked like a good trail. It divided almost immediately and I chose the left hand loop: great trail but after skirting the bottom of a cliff it headed back down to the lines. Obviously, this was an alternate route up. So we turned and headed up the right hand trail. It didn’t take long to determine the reasons it was dubbed “awesome.”

On a clear day, this trail would have offered up spectacular views. Even in the mist of the cloud that we hiked through, it was a thing of real beauty. It was steep in several spots, a feature I particularly liked (surprise) and came out where I expected it to: Jitka’s bench. At that point, we took the E1 trail back for a total of a two-hour hike. I think this has now become my favourite short loop on the mountain  I can hardly wait to take Simon on this trail.

And now, for all the next delightful parts of the day. I had my second shower when I got home, made sandwiches for lunch and then had a nap. Next up: baking bread and settling down for pure coziness for the rest of the day.

I mean really: can you imagine a finer day? The only thing that could improve it would be a big whack of chocolate. Oh wait! I just finished eating half a bar of Bjornsted! It’s officially the best V day ever!


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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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