One (or two) of those days

P1080323_FotorSometimes a day or two just are what they are. The important thing, I think, is to celebrate anyway. Because no matter what goes wrong, something goes right and needs to be acknowledged with either song or dance, or possibly both. ( does car dancing count?)

For me, it all started yesterday when I arrived at the floathouse and dropped my keys in the ocean. You see there’s a step from the dock to the door that goes over a foot of water. The problem is that the foot in width equals about thirty feet in depth.

I had a sort of solution but those problem solvers lay at home in Cedar: a spare car key and a spare set of house keys. Thankfully, Abby was out of the car and so were all the groceries and everything else I’d toted with me. Thankfully also, Simon has a set of my house keys.

This morning, we got hold of the Marina maintenance guy who came over with a very large magnet and a rope. We tried, goddess knows we did, but all we came up with was a keg of nails. Step two was to drive to the local Toyota dealer who could not give me a key because my key has a chip and it would have to be programmed on site so I either had to have it towed in or drive to Cedar and pick up my spare key.

We drove to Cedar, which made sense because I had also forgotten to bring my pizza pan and pizza fillings for tonight’s dinner. We did sidetrack quite a bit along the way, looking at properties and houses. Needless to say, I’d long given up any thoughts of hiking today, which was fine given that it was pouring rain anyway.

So, we picked up the spare keys and the stuff I forgot. Then we walked fifteen very interesting acres with a small but solidly built log cabin on it. Then, next stop, Staples, because somehow my SD iPad camera attachment had gone missing. We looked everywhere, yes we did, but it seemed to have either turned itself into a sock or a surplus Tupperware lid. Simple, I thought, I’ll buy another one. I walked into Staples where they told me that every Staples store on the island was out of them. Then I tried London Drugs where they had a USB camera connection but, of course, I had left my USB camera cord at home in Cedar because I didn’t need it at the floathouse because I had an SD card reader there….. (Sigh)

Next stop, the Mac store, which was also out of SD card readers. At this point, I was close to weeping. I suggested to Simon that we just call it a day. He drove on to Best Buy, where, praise the lord, they had JUST received a new shipment of SD readers and I bought one!

We came home. I put my keys in my pocket before venturing down the dock. I tried out my new reader. It works! I have started the dough for pizza. I may survive the day.

And, as I said, there have been wonderful parts to this day. We giggled. We spent the day together. We did accomplish our missions. We looked at a property we both liked and made plans for a long term future. These are all wonderful things.

And, with any luck at all, the pizza will turn out and we’ll have a good dinner. And if the pizza is a disaster or just mediocre, we still have each other. And dog food. In a pinch, there is always dog food.


About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to One (or two) of those days

  1. susan thompson says:

    Sure, it could have been worse! You could have been the hiker who found the latest foot. Remind me if I visit to NOT go beach combing. Sorry about the keys!

  2. goodyniosi says:

    Yeah. Mountains are way more fun than beaches.

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