Fourth Anniversary


Sometimes I think my blog posts must get very monotonous. All I seem to write about is how happy I am and how much in love I am.

So, let me just say right off the top that today I am very happy and very much in love – mainly because the love of my life is so wonderful, generous, kind, considerate and darn sexy.

But on to the facts, ma’am – just the facts. This morning I needed a good uphill, so while Simon and Shanara did the green trail, Abby and I set off up Tzouhalem for Jitka’s bench and then circled back down the E trail. Then a quick shop (chocolate) on the way back to my place, lunch along the way, and a much-needed nap. I am now on my third load of laundry. I have done all my accounting etc. and am feeling most accomplished.

The rain is pouring down, my little place feels warm and cozy and I am eager to do some more writing on my book.

Yesterday, I read back a few pages here and there at random and, dare I say it, I quite like what I am reading. I feel so inspired to simply continue writing. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed writing more, and I’ve been doing this for many years – since I could first pick up a pencil. I believe I have a story to tell and I love telling it. It doesn’t matter to me if anyone ever reads it – for me the joy and pleasure are in the writing.

Last night, Simon and I watched a film about living off the grid, then came home and looked at off the grid homes on YouTube videos. This feels real. This is something we are going to do. We will find land and we will build a home and garden. The how it will all happen doesn’t matter – it just will.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure about anything as I am about the direction of my life – and not only sure, but completely content. This life is a dream that is coming truer every single day. I feel ready to do the work required. And to accept with open arms all the unexpected gifts coming our way.

Um – this post sounds awfully serious – almost as though I am adulting. Let me assure you that I am not. My proudest accomplishment of the last few days is converting Simon to the art of rhyming – EVERYTHING! I do believe that by the time we hit a ripe age (say 20 years from now) we will speak only in rhymes.

As in:

Would you like to eat?

That would be neat.

Then take a seat. Put up your feet. And please don’t cheat. There is no meat. So do not bleat for the sake of Pete.

And do not greet or be complete with a sudden tweet or a downward beat.

I didn’t say that the rhymes had to make sense.

The exciting thing is that for the first time EVER I have written down one of my rhymes. I am sinking to new depths.

And I am quite proud of that.

Simon says I am a twit.

And I must say – the description might fit.


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