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Yes, this is an old photo of me, but it’s the one I just submitted to the Huffington Post. And the reason I did that? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece in answer to a request for stories of people finding true love in the later decades of their lives. I immediately thought, yes, this one is for me. I wrote the article in record time and sent it is. Today, Huffpost sent me an email telling me they were going to publish it.

I am so pleased! Happy dance, pleased! And not so much because I am going to be published in the Huffpost (although that is certainly a part of it), but also because it is the kind of story I really, really want to write. It is a story that I hope inspires others. I hope it is a story that matters.

And because it is a story that foreshadows the book I am writing, and it was accepted, it tells me that perhaps my book will have some worth.

And that inspires me to continue to work hard on this book and to devote considerable time to it, which I am doing. I am more excited about it than ever!

There was also other news today that makes me happy. Simon went to the doctor. All his blood work is terrific! The first step now with his health is to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours – and that’s on order. The news is as good as it can be. And, he’s feeling better today.

It’s been a busy day too. Alisa and I are here at my place because at Simon’s place the kitchen sink is out of commission (don’t ask!). Ironically, when we arrived back here, water was pouring out of the ceiling in the garage. We had no water! Happily, Paul was here and went up in there to find that a rat had chewed through a line. We now have water! So, laundry is doing and peas are soaking for soup tomorrow. In a few minutes, we’ll head out to Ladysmith for some great Indian food. And, later this evening, Simon will join us to complete our cobbled together little family: three humans and two dogs who also managed to get quite a nice walk today and a delicious dinner.


Life is awesome!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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4 Responses to Published!

  1. susan thompson says:

    I am so glad I happened upon your article! It led me down the rabbit hole of finding your blog and binge-reading backwards all the wonderful little bits of your life. Our lives are so profoundly different, and yet the things you have learned about life and love-especially love and sometimes wondering whether or not you deserve it- strike such a chord in me! After traveling to Canada and more recently Alaska, I wonder if I had grown up there instead of Dallas, Texas, I would have had more of an appreciation for the outdoors. Looking out over glaciers actually made me want to HIKE, something I rarely wanted to do when I had reliable legs. Now with RA and a host of other problems, I think about it now and then. Perhaps when I am in remission and my health and weight improve, I can begin to appreciate the joy of being outside. For now, however, I can live vicariously through you. 😀 You are writing the blog and book I always wanted to and never felt worthy of. I am so glad to hear you say you wake up every day marveling how loved you are, and how you don’t want to ever take it for granted. That is how I feel, and it has now been 17 years since I met the absolute love of my life. Appreciate every day!! Susan Broome Thompson

  2. goodyniosi says:

    Susan – I hope we meet one day 🙂

  3. susan thompson says:

    My husband and I passed through Vancouver twice on our way to a family cruise to the inside passage of Alaska. What a clean, friendly, gorgeous and amazing city! Our only regret was not having the time or funds to spend more time there. We have always wanted to return, so maybe we will someday. I remember the air being so fresh-tasting and easy to breathe. Not like the thick, slimy air in Shreveport, Louisiana that breathes like molasses. They recently cut down part of our pine woods to drill a natural gas well. Yuk) I think he and I are Canadians trapped inside embarrassed American bodies…lol. Thankfully when traveling in a foreign country, we can pose as such with some degree of accuracy. Just remember to say the long “o”s and lots of ehs!
    Alas, we are…inside people. There, I said it. Go ahead and snicker! 😉 But we adore a great game of Scrabble (extra points for dirty words!!) enjoying a laid back band in a pub, healthy, organic food, talking about quantum physics and reincarnation, and laughing til we pee our pants. Poise pads, anyone? One day we plan to become…semi outdoor people! Hopefully we shall meet one day!

  4. goodyniosi says:

    extra points for dirty words, huh? I like it! I also have other rules I keep trying to sneak in, like being able to spell words backwards…..

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