Vancouver and back

imageThere it is: Simon’s fabulous new Fjallraven Norwegian backpack (75 litre) and Simon, feeling like its Christmas all over again. He’s studiously reading everything there is to know about it. And, likely, he is counting down the days until he can load it up and use it. For me, it’s pure heaven. It means I can finally have enough food on the trail!

Today was, as always, another gorgeous day. We walked the dogs and found an actual park with a real off-leash area for the dogs. We had breakfast and then walked down to Mink, winner of the best chocolate bar in the world last year. I bought almost $50 worth of chocolate. You would think that would buy me an awful out of chocolate. Um – would you believe six quite small bars?

Worth it. There are now four bars left. I devoured one dark chocolate bar on my own on the ferry and the three of us shared the “world’s best bar.” Oh my – yes, it really was that good.

So, after Mink, a drive to Alisa’s apartment where I dropped Simon off and I drove farther to the Tsawassen ferry terminal. We met up again and got on separate ferries.

For the poor dogs, the highlight of the last two days (I’m sure) was getting back and driving straight to the MC trail where they ran and played for half an hour. Then, back to the floathouse, unload the dogs and the trunk, pick up Simon and Alisa, shop for groceries and back home. Whew!

Proud of myself that when I had a technical issue with email a few minutes ago, I solved it with help from both Simon and Alisa. Teamwork! Yay!

It’s so good to be home. I always knew this, but the knowledge has now been reinforced that I could never live in a city again, that I love living on Vancouver Island and that the shops in Vancouver have nothing on the stores here. In fact, mike’s VPO store in Nanaimo looks better to me now that ever before. Mike rocks!

One other thing I noticed today. When I am not with Simon, it’s not so much that I miss him, but it’s that I am excited to see him again. Even when we are apart for only a few hours, I am excited to see him again. Being away with him – our first trip together – was so much fun. We’re so very good together. And I love him so very much.

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