A Walk in the Park


One of the things I adore about not working (being gainfully unemployed) is the lack of “weekends.” Every day is a weekend day. I can do what I want – have a lazy day, work or not as I wish, just hang out – and, mostly, watch the time drift by.

Today has been and continues to be a beautiful day. We had breakfast, went back to one of the outdoor stores because Simon likes to mull and he wanted to double check the boot thing to make sure he bought the right ones (he did – hurrah!!!!) and then we went to the bakery and came home for lunch and Scrabble and a beautiful walk in Hemer Park. Amazingly, by the time those simple things were done, it was five o’clock and now Simon is playing his guitar, the most perfect background music in the world for me to write and upload photos and begin to think about making a curry for dinner tonight.

So here are some of the things that continue to amaze me about this relationship: the number of times we either say the same thing simultaneously (or at least think the same thing) and the number of times we hear the other person speaking the thoughts that are about to pop out of our own mouths. And then there’s the giggling.

The giggling part might be problematic. Let me explain. Last night we went to bed at a decent hour – about 11 p.m. No, not early – but not too bad. So we chatted for a bit and then someone said something (I’m sure it was Simon) and I started laughing uncontrollably, which meant I had to run to the bathroom, which made Simon laugh more. And then we kept laughing and giggling and I had to make three more runs to the bathroom. You would think that after the second run, there’d be nothing left. But no – there’s always that one more drop.


And then, finally, at about midnight, I rolled over and began drifting off to sleep. All was well – and then I remembered what happened at lunch (I have no idea how a cucumber slice got into my water glass or a carrot got on my chair) and I chuckled quietly to myself. That started Simon off on another tangent and then I was running to the bathroom again and – well, to make a long story short, we got to sleep at about 2 a.m. or maybe a bit later. And that means we only got about five hours of sleep.

After all that, you would think we would wake up gently in the morning.

But you’d be wrong. The first thing out of Simon’s mouth this morning was something about doing nefarious deeds to the neighbourhood rooster and that got me giggling, which made him giggle – so we pretty much started the morning the same way the previous night ended.

I am not sure there is a cure for our disease.

We are a trainwreck of twits.


P1080160_Fotor P1080162_Fotor P1080163_Fotor P1080164_Fotor P1080165_Fotor P1080166_Fotor P1080168_Fotor P1080169_Fotor P1080171_Fotor P1080172_Fotor

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