Snow Falling in Cedar


This was one of the highlights of my day: a long, long walk through Hemer Park. I spend so much time being anxious when it snows that I often forget the pleasure of it.


My anxiety is based solely on having to drive in it. And then I decided I didn’t have to take my car out. I can see my accountant another time. I have enough chocolate (thank goodness) to last a few more days. I have absolutely nothing to fear. Silly me. Honestly, I have to give my head a shake sometimes. When I think of the worries of the world – and then I consider my biggest worry: driving in snow. Really?


And so I did what a truly sensible person does – take advantage of a snow day. Here’s what it looked like: dusting (Yes! actually dusting! And vacuuming!). Looking back on the morning though, I have to ask myself if this was inspiration or desperation. I suspect the latter, but I’m still rather glad I got it done. Those who know how I feel about dusting will be  impressed to learn that I didn’t just run a cloth over flat surfaces. I used a cleaning liquid and dusted the sides of things and even moved objects around. I should make a note of this, just so I can look back at this day a couple of weeks from now and say, “Hey – I don’t need to dust yet – look at the major clean I did so very recently!”


And then the first highlight of the day: Simon sent me the next chapter of his book. Better and better. My only frustration is that I don’t have the entire thing in my hands so I can forge ahead to the end. I have to wait for him to write it. I am in awe of his talent. And that is my decidedly unbiased (ahem) opinion.


I was going to start editing right away, but then the snow called, so off Abby and I went to Hemer, and I am so glad we did. There’s nothing like being outside to make my heart sing – or yodel as the case the may be.


But now I am back and there’s no excuse for me not to get to work. Not that I need to make myself do this. Editing Simon’s book is the most delightful of my tasks.


In the meantime, I am not being a total idleton (yes, I made that word up – pretty good, huh??). I am taking note that it’s a seven-letter word that I can probably (hopefully) get away with in my new and improved Bulls&*t version of Scrabble. I am still thinking about my own writing. I had another idea today and am adding it to my growing pile of thoughts. I don’t think it will be long before I start the actual work. I’m getting to a place where pieces of a puzzle are falling together. For me, the inner work is very important. It’s a brewing process and I like it a lot.P1080090_Fotor P1080093_Fotor P1080095_Fotor P1080096_Fotor

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