Huge success!

I do not have a dress! I have two dresses!

Yes – photos to come – maybe tomorrow. We shall see.

Not only do I have two dresses I love (love – not just like!) but I had a very good time shopping for them. And this, mind you, is coming from someone who totally shops like a man! When I need something (note – need, not want – um – except when it comes to socks of course), I walk into the store (VPO), grab it, pay for it, and walk out.

Not this time. First, Simon and I went to Sears. NO! Then some smaller stores in the mall. Really no. Then on to Woodgrove. Winners – no – they only had three dresses. Really?

Then the dreaded GAP. Oh no, we both said – but we walked in and instantly found the perfect dress for me. Really – perfect, at an insane sale price. So, naturally, I bought it. Well, I thought I was going to buy it but my wonderful amazing man, who should really become a fashion guru for women, bought the dress for me!

Christmas two days early!

Next – off to the Garage. And there was the white lace dress I’ve been wanting. But it had no sleeves. And then I spotted a long sleeved white lace top. I put the two together and fell in love. But the skirt was too short. I mean, I loved it, but we both said, “too short.” Me because I thought others would say the dress was inappropriate. Simon because he thought that I thought it was too short.

However, Simon also said he loved it and that I looked hot and that white lace was totally my thing.

So we walked out and looked for shoes. And talked about he dress. And went into a few more stores. And talked about the white dress.

Of course – back we went and this time, Simon had the genius idea of slipping the white long sleeve top under the dress, not over. Done! Hell yes, it’s short. And hell yes, I bought it. Beacause it makes me feel pretty and princess-like and Simon thinks it’s entirely appropriate for me and it makes me look hot. And I’m wearing the dress for my love – no one else.

So – jewelry next – yummy jewelry. And I’m set for New Years and beyond.

I know it may seem like I’m going overboard with this whole dress thing. I assure you I am not. I have not shopped for a dress in at least a dozen years. I haven’t worn one in as long (except for Halloween, which doesn’t count). So this is a very, very big deal.

And I’m happy.

Happiest because Simon and I did this shopping together and we had such a good time. The truth is that no matter what we do together, whether it’s snowshoeing up a mountain or shopping for groceries, it’s fun and beautiful and delightful.

Sometimes my life feels like magic.

P1070962_Fotor P1070963_Fotor

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