Lifelong Learning


First: to explain the photos. I have not been at my house for almost a week, so have finally uploaded a week’s worth of photos to my main computer – and these are my favourites.

Second: “When will all these learning experiences leave me alone?”

I suspect the answer is never. But then, as long as I’m learning, life is exciting and new every day so I suppose its good news, even when the learning doesn’t entirely feel like fun.

Simon and I had a wonderful conversation last night. I learn so much from him. I learn about me. Just when I think I’m getting to be a pretty good person (a sure sign there’s work to be done), I notice that I have a very long way to go. I think Simon is well ahead of me in truly accepting people exactly for who they are. I am such a judging creature, even when I don’t want to judge.

At the same time, I believe that given what we know, we are all striving to do the best that we can. The secret then, to doing better (and being a better person) is to know more, especially about myself.

I am learning. This deeply loving relationship is allowing me to be more authentic, to examine myself, to see myself in new ways and to continue to learn and grow in a place that is safe, loving and accepting.

And I do want to be a better person.

It’s a daily goal.

And look at this! It’s the solstice! Tomorrow will be 2 seconds longer than today! I celebrated with a bubble bath. I know: I am living a life of utmost debauchery! And it doesn’t end there. I am also going to go to bed early to read and loll about. I don’t have the requisite bonbons, nor do I have someone peeling grapes to pop into my mouth, but still – I think I’m doing pretty good.

P1070920_Fotor P1070925_Fotor P1070932_Fotor P1070943_Fotor P1070949_Fotor P1070957_Fotor

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