Sunday at the floathome

imageI have a couple of words to describe this day: uneventful and productive. Of course, they really do no justice to the reality.

Yes, it was quiet: nothing really happened. All the drama occurred last night when the Christmas tree toppled. Funny thing that: I was standing in the kitchen, looking over at the tree, thinking to myself, “Well, that’s rather odd, the top seems to have tipped a bit. I wonder why that is.” And then it crashed – answering my question in a rather spectacular manner. And the crash was mighty because not only was there the “whump” of branches hitting the floorboards, but also the tinkle and crash of glass ornaments shattering. All very exciting.

And so we picked it up, mopped up the spilled water from the stand, and propped it back up more securely (I hope. I admit I am still a tiny bit nervous every time I glance at it). It was great fun: me hugging the tree as though it was my closest friend in the world while Simon stretched out on the floor with either a wrench or pliers or both. This is what is known as industrial strength tree putting-upping.

Compared to that, today was a breeze. I walked with the dogs while Simon worked on his book, shopped for a few groceries while Simon continued to work on his book and came back for lunch while Simon worked some more on his book. Then I had a nap while Simon did things with his book. Guess who had a very productive morning?

I admit that I finally put in a couple of hours work this afternoon, editing what Simon had written while he went off to rehearse with his band. And now he’s off to the gym. And what am I doing? While not quite lounging in bed eating bonbons, close enough. And it’s perfectly fine with me.

I fully embrace this non-working life. In fact, I highly recommend it. All I need to do for the rest of the day is eat dinner that Simon will prepare (read – heat up in the microwave) and shower him with love because no one deserves it more.

There may or may not also be a game of Scrabble in the future but just doing anything with the love of my life is joy enough – more than enough for this uneventful, productive day.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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